I Aint Afraid of No Water Slide

It never ceases to amaze me the creativity and thrill inducement found in water slides. Let me say, I do not go on water slides. I am afraid of heights! But I love to watch other go down them and am in awe of their abundant designs.

I will stand there and watch as the lines form at the water park--people lined up on wooden stairs like sardines. I love hearing their screams of joy/fear as they fly down the insanely fast water slides. I have to admit, I prefer the ones where I can see the riders. The looks on their faces and their screams/laughter crack me up.

I also love all the different colors that water slides come in. We recently had a new water park open up in my hometown and it looks like Dr. Seuss land! I have never seen so many shapes and colors! I think water slides are great and I hope, one day, to be brave enough to ride one. My partner has ridden them and loves them. I think I would have fun, especially on the ones that just look like giant slicky-slides, but my fear of heights will not permit me to climb the stairs!

I will have to continue to be happy just being a water slide wallflower--obtaining my enjoyment and satisfaction out of watching others have the good time.